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Pruess offers Plant Engineering in the Area of Food and Pharma.

Qualification, Extraction-, Evaporation- and CIP Systems - Buffer Preparation - Thermal Process Engineering


Our Services

Pruess GmbH has 40 years of experience in plant engineering and extraction technology and has already completed numerous projects for the pharmaceutical and food industries, mainly in the field of thermal process engineering. The company operates in both Germany and Europe as well as worldwide. Here are some example projects from the recent past.

The range of process engineering plants designed and manufactured by Pruess includes extraction and evaporation plants which are supplemented by equipment for the purposes of stirring, mixing, cooling, heating and distribution as well as cleaning systems (CIP / SIP). Pruess GmbH also offers Process and Plant Development. Our portfolio is completed with the offer of Re-engineering and Process description for software updates and Siemens S5 on S7 migrations.

The work of Pruess GmbH is characterized by our advanced aspirations regarding the quality and safety of the systems we offer and our compliance with the standards of the EU and the FDA. We will be pleased to provide you with professional advice.