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Pruess offers Plant Engineering in the Area of Food and Pharma.

Qualification, Extraction-, Evaporation- and CIP Systems - Buffer Preparation - Thermal Process Engineering


Evaporation System for Isopropanol/Water

End-to-end procurement, contract completion and execution of a project to build an evaporation system (2 x 1t/h) for the pharmaceuticals industry.
Cost: approximately EUR 1.2 million

The process consisted of:

  • Linking in the downstream and upstream production facilities

  • Forced circulation evaporator

  • CIP preparation

  • Cooling unit (heat pump) as the energy source

  • Full automation, communication with master control station

Responsible for: 

  • Presales, calculation, contract completion

  • Project management

  • Leading role in design and engineering

  • Managing detailed engineering; managing on-site commissioning

  • Qualification in accordance with cGMP (DQ/IQ/OQ)


Preparing to Qualify an Extraction Installation

Construction of an extraction installation for a client in China for the extraction of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine).
Cost: approximately EUR 800,000

The process consisted of:

  • Introducing the biomaterials

  • Heating the solvent

  • Extraction in circulation

  • Draining the product, discarding the sediment

Responsible for:

  • Preparing lists for FAT and IQ 

  • Preparing documents

  • Verifying documents

  • Providing support with the SAT


Planning the Extraction of an Active Substance from Pieces of Wood

Scaling up a process from a pilot extraction plant by a factor of 10.

The system comprised the following process steps:

  • Storing and preparing the raw material

  • Temporary storage 

  • Extraction

  • Evaporation/crystallisation

  • Washing the crystals

  • Drying

  • Filling (containment, Bigbags)

  • Regenerating the solvent

  • Energy concept

Over the course of the two years, I was responsible for:

  • Overall accountability to the client and project Management 

  • Carrying out a feasibility study with an initial cost estimate for the system

  • Major involvement in process development in collaboration with the client

  • Constructing prototype process components 

    • Apparatus

    • Aggregates

    • MSR

    • Material requirements

  • Integrating the process into an overarching energy concept

  • Management and collaboration in basic engineering

  • Supporting the BImSch application

  • Management and collaboration in detailed engineering