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Pruess offers Plant Engineering in the Area of Food and Pharma.

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Plant Engineering for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Off-the-shelf apparatus and plants aren’t usually of any use in the pharmaceutical industry, especially since the regulations for keeping production processes clean are especially strict in this area of industry. And rightly so: in virtually no other manufacturing process can even the smallest impurities cause such serious damage to health as they can when manufacturing pharmaceuticals.

To ensure safe, error-free and efficient production, the equipment to be used must fulfill the highest aspirations regarding the functioning, quality and materials. This can only be achieved by taking both the subsequent cleaning and sterilization as well as their qualification according to the valid regulations into account when designing the systems. The individual requirements surrounding a process plant, which must also be included in the planning and design from the outset, can include designs with limited dead space, defined surface qualities and the complete traceability of the materials used – but also detailed documentation of weld seams and surface qualities as well as certificates for the sealing materials to be used.

From the development and design through to the delivery and documented handover to the operator, Pruess GmbH is committed to the highest quality standards in the pharmaceutical industry for the entire plant construction process – regarding both the technical details and the qualification documents.

And incidentally: all the plants can be manufactured in modular design, including the control system, so that as far as possible, they can be delivered in pre-assembled, wired and tested form.