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Pruess offers Plant Engineering in the Area of Food and Pharma.

Qualification, Extraction-, Evaporation- and CIP Systems - Buffer Preparation - Thermal Process Engineering


Developing, Installing and Certifying an Industrial Plant

For the extraction of amounts of lipophilic substances from biomaterials using a new extraction technology.

Project scope:

  • Developing extraction process

  • Design and building prototype

  • Design and buildung industrial plant

  • Design and building of solvent recovery system

Responsible for:

  • Process development

  • Responsibility for and execution of the planning and installation of a test facility

  • Responsibility for and collaboration on the planning and installation of the industrial plant, including automation

  • Installing and certifying the industrial plant

  • Plant certification in accordance with ATEX, PED and occupational health and safety guidelines.


Planning and Creating a Continuous Extraction Installation

Using a carousel extractor. Realisation of the entire project from presales through technology to final sign-off.

Installation scope:

  • Complete extraction process unit 

  • For up to approx. 300 kg of dry tea leaves per hour

  • Control definition

  • CIP cleaning

  • Input and output of the biomaterial

Responsible for:

  • Planning

  • Close cooperation with construction

  • Developing new CIP-compliant technology

  • Control definition

  • Commissioning

Planning and Creating a System for Producing Food Colourings

through the emulsification of oil in water. Realisation of the entire project.

Installation scope:

  • Providing the oil, dissolving the dyes

  • Preparing the water phase

  • Mixing, dispersing

  • Pasteurisation and filling

  • CIP cleaning

  • End-to-end automation

Over the course of approximately two years, responsible for:

  • Presales, calculation, contract completion

  • Basic engineering

  • Managing detailed engineering

  • Project management during realisation

  • Managing the commissioning

  • Supporting escalations


Replacing an S5 with an S7

Full procedural record of the process, description of the process and interface to the programmers.

Type of system: extraction system for a medium-sized food production plant with an output of dry product of several tonnes per day.

Work provided:

  • Documentation “as built”

  • Preparation of current process engineering drawings

  • Development of the current procedure on the basis of oral descriptions, old documents and the process on the basis of the existing S5 - programming

  • Creation of the complete process description

  • Creation of the complete sequence description

  • Procedural interface to the programmers

  • Support during the commissioning