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Pruess offers Plant Engineering in the Area of Food and Pharma.

Qualification, Extraction-, Evaporation- and CIP Systems - Buffer Preparation - Thermal Process Engineering


Evaporation Plants

An important process step after the extraction of certain substances is evaporation, which often follows the extraction. During evaporation, the product is concentrated, and unwanted organic solvents or water are evaporated – similar to boiling and reducing sauces with wine. Depending on the type of evaporation, concentrations with up to 40 percent dry matter can be achieved. And depending on the size of the application, single-stage or multi-stage systems are used. In this respect, throughputs of 0.5 to 5 cubic meters per hour are typically achieved. To date, Pruess GmbH has designed and built evaporation plants for customers in both the pharmaceutical and food industry. In this context, their individual requirements are also taken into account, i.e. influencing factors such as the availability and costs of energy, the operating costs and the product sensitivity.